Blame Canada

Every night before bed, I listen to either NPR or Air America. I enjoy Air America, most of the time-it's a bit eye-opening, but sometimes I get a bit tired of all the anger that emanates from every minute of every show.

I understand the need to have knowledge that some of the people on this channel have to offer, apparently there is a LOT of "stuff" going on in our government that we don't ever hear about.

Oh, this is more local, but here's an example of our media censoring what we have access to. I ride the bus to work, a bus that is mostly full of other employees of the hospital or Veterans Hospital. One day a few months back, our bus was delayed at the Veterans Hospital bus stop because the police had the road blocked off. We had to disembark, the bus was advised it would not be able to get through for a good amount of time. No one at that point knew what was going on. Sometimes the hospital will sent out a mass email to alert us to what happened--I got nothing. I asked some of the managers, they knew nothing.

However, there were quite a few chatty people on my bus ride home who knew a LOT of info.

Apparently, one of the patients at the Veterans Hospital, a patient most employees knew for his great personality, all three of them. Only slightly exaggerating--he heard voices, he couldn't stop hearing voices. He had been in a war not too long ago and didn't come back the same, as is more common than we would like to believe. He was a great guy I heard, the employees had hoped he would find some peace.

Unfortunately, he couldn't wait to find that peace. He jumped off a building. In front of a clinic of other veterans waiting to be seen by their doctor. In front of the front office staff. In front of about six employees who rode my bus. Some of whom cried on the way home. One woman and man had a conversation about it on the way home, one that I think the majority of the bus listened intently to, and learned a lot of details about this tragic morning event.

I got home and turned on the news, waiting to hear what they would report, which I knew would be less than I already knew. I watched and waited. And then changed to a different news channel and waited. And then watched the evening news...and there was NOTHING about it on our local news. Nothing. People die every day, right? But how often does a troubled war veteran jump off of a public building, one where he was going for help, in front of a large number of people (including his adult daughter)? I would guess not that often. Not in my city anyway. Or maybe it does---the news reporters obviously didn't think it was newsworthy. Or were they censoring it? They report every time someone falls off of one of the five (six?) bridges in the city. This morning they spent a LOT of time talking about, showing clips from, reviewing the same info, interviewing people on a story about an elderly man who drove off the road into the river. It's a curvy road. It isn't a shocker that an elderly man driving alone at 3am might maybe possibly miss the turn. But a man jumping off a building? THAT is news.

So anyway...Air America makes me feel a bit angry at a lot of things, so I limit how much I listen, but it's good to hear sometimes. We should be outraged at times. Our country is not really doing well. If we were a parent and America was our child, we would take him to a doctor. A psychiatrist I'm sure.

Tonight, Air America played this song called "Blame Canada." I've been singing it in my head for about 20 minutes now. It appears to be a song that was played on South Park-a show I highly dislike, but this is a funny song and Robin Williams -who I adore- sang it, which makes it a little better.



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