Confused Babies

I want to see this movie:

Each year an estimated one in two thousand babies are born with anatomy that doesn't clearly mark them as either male or female - with what is known as an
intersex condition.

This provocative documentary demystifies the issue of sexual difference. At a time when five babies a day in the United States are having "gender reassignment" surgery, it argues that there is little evidence that such surgery is beneficial to the child. The program profiles several people born with ambiguous sexual anatomy, who have managed to deal with some very difficult family and social issues, but today are living "ordinary"and productive lives.

It also includes a young mother who is matter-of-factly creating the conditions for her intersex baby to do the same. Interweaving their stories with educational films from the 1950's,"One in 2,000" invites us to take a serious second look at how the media have dealt with sexual "normality."

Five babies a day, one baby in every 2,000 ---that's a lot! I knew this happened, but I didn't know it was that common. You just never hear anything about it. I've known a lot of people who have had babies, I've never heard anyone talking about it.

What would the bible say about this? Doesn't god create man and woman? So how could it be that a child is born both man AND woman?

I wonder if this is something that will lead to more understanding of gays and transgenders. If someone who is very homophobic has a baby born ambiguously sexual, does it make them always question whether they made the right choice in the gender assignment, and if they didn't, do they accept their child? It's so confusing...

The movie is playing at a local theatre and the director will be there, however, it's during the day. Who gets to miss work to go see a documentary?
Not me.
I'll have to wait for the book I guess.


  1. Jenny said...:

    Very interesting stuff...I cannot believe that statistic as I know tons of people with children....hundreds from the navy ships and subs...yet never heard of a single case. Wonder if some people just don't talk about it? And, where are all these babies born statistically...america? other countries? And why?


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