Good Drugs, Bad Drugs

Fact filled article

In fact, NSAID use leads to more than 103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths each year in the United States. That's more deaths than from AIDS and more than four times as many deaths as those from cervical cancer.

Should we be outraged about this? Is this a conspiracy by the larger drug companies and physicians to make us feel like ibuprofen is safe for all needs?

I have been told to take ibuprofen for my bad jaw - 400mg, 4X a day, for up to six weeks to help ease the pain from TMJ. (I've found vicodin works better though!).
I was also told to take it for pain associated with carpul tunnel. I was given a prescription for 800mg and told to take one or two pills. That's 1600 mg.
That's a lot. Seriously...the pills you buy in the stores are 200 mg. 1600? That's a big number.

Ephedra (a diet drug) only kills something like 500 people a year, yet it is being banned.

Isn't everything we do a risk to our lives?

If there is a diet drug out there that will help someone lose 50lbs, but will kill .007% of the people who take it, is it a risk worth taking for the other 99.993% of the people who decide to take the risk?

If there is a drug that will reduce your life by 4 years, but provide a better quality of life for the next 20, is it worth it?

Ibuprofen-to me-is NOT worth it. I don't really ever notice much of a difference unless I take it over the course of days, not just one
Such a difficult dilemma...



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