Just Keep Walking

Sunny California!! It's beautiful, but not really hot.
The training is going well. I think I have a LOT to learn and could go to a 2-day training each week for a year and still not know everything I could possibly know about FileMaker, but every two-day training helps I guess. And it's fun to actually understand a little bit more of the puzzle. I heart FileMaker.

I thought it would be fun to walk home from the training. I think it's only a mile away, however, I didn't do enough research on that. I left the training at 4:05pm. I didn't think it was a bad idea, even though I was carrying the laptop bag, which must be about 15 lbs. I knew how to get back to the hotel from the convention center and I knew the convention center was just down the road from where I was. I think I was a bit liberal with my definition of "just down the road."

At one point, I was taking a shortcut through a parking lot and realized it was blocked by a fence so I cut through another one...and found myself in a Construction Worker only zone. I realized this was the case when four hard hats came rushing my way yelling. They had no idea where I came from or what I was doing there, they though I was very suspicious. But I'm a girl and can smile and flick my hair and get away with things so five minutes later I left there after turning down two offers of a ride to my hotel. Nice guys! But really---why would they think I would get in the car with a large burly man after talking to them for six minutes? This isn't Kansas boys--girls can't accept rides like that!

Two HOURS later, I arrived at my hotel.
My path

These are the things I saw on my walk:

Palm trees are weird--they shed.

This is as close as I got to Great America. It's literally a block away, but you can hardly see anything from the road. I could hear the people screaming from this ride though-it sounded fun.

Yahoo comes to life!! They have like a whole block of buildings. It was like a cartoon character coming to life---Yahoo is an internet thing, it isn't supposed to come out of the computer.

This woman helped point me in the right direction to my hotel in hour two.


Not pretty. Even big steel feet are yucky.



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