Permanent Apartment Dweller

I had to sign a new lease today for my apartment complex. Rents have been raised every time my lease expires. I am still below fair market value and they are slowly trying to get me up to the regular rent rate.

When we moved in here, I thought it would just be temporary. I had my credit tarnished by the sociopath I was with before moving here (that's a long story for a much later day), I had no funds, I had very little. It was me, the kid and a small U-haul of random household items and I got us into the first place I could, so we weren't living with relatives (actually my ex-husbands relatives....another long story).

It's not a BAD apartment complex. I've had no problems with crime. The management is pretty quick about fixing things when I report them, even when it's our fault (like the hole "someone" put in the wall). The landscape is great, lots of greenery. It's set back from the main road, so there's not a lot of traffic noise or people passing by. There's a nice little trail that we enjoy in the summer. There's a's small but not usually crowded. We have our own washer/dryer in each apartment. It's close to the freeway and plenty of stores. Things aren't so bad here.

It's small though. Less than 900 square feet. We're a bit cramped. There's mold--all year in the cheap crappy windows. They actually make all the tenants sign a mold contract to free themselves from liability. And there's only one bathroom. The older the kid gets, the more I realize how gross boys are in the bathroom. That's all I'm going to say. You all know what I'm talking about....

So the plan to buy a condo is on hold. I'll get a small raise in July and another small raise next January and hopefully the kid will stop eating four meals each evening and I'll have a chance to save a bit.



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