Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

SCRAP is a local (Portland) area non-profit that promotes the idea of reusing materials that you would not normally think are reusable.

I have been going there about every other month for the last year, as they have given a $10 donation to Hands on Portland for my projects. I haven't actually needed donations for a few months, but I was going that way so I stopped by, with kid in tow.

It reminds me of an indoor garage sale, clearly used things are all over the place. The staff have products all over the store that they have made from the donated materials, so if you're feeling crafty but aren't sure what to make, they can give you ideas. Like the shoulder bag/purse made from stickers. Ha, stickers for some political thing ages ago--perfect as a bag. There's a big bird in one corner, made from some wire coils, some fabric, feathers, some random buttons and such. Fun things.

I usually get some random amounts of paper and fabric scraps and sometimes stickers or magazines. We totally scored yesterday though.

The boy and I found four brand new rolls of wrapping paper with funky fun designs on them that are going to be perfect when cut up and made into cards for kids or part of the Alphabet Project for Africa. They also had a big barrel of tissue paper and it was a quarter for however much you could fit in a bag. That's an insane deal.

We grabbed some miscellaneous fabrics and whatnot - had a full basket and I said, we should stop looking now, I might have to pay a bit, the wrapping paper should have been more than $10 alone. But, as usual, SCRAP is an insane bargain and she somewhat touched everything, hit some buttons on a small calculator and said, "$5.50."

Huh? $5?? For a full basket of stuff?? Including two bags of tissue paper (new tissue paper!) and four NEW rolls of wrapping paper--the kind from school fundraisers that is WAY overpriced but we buy it anyway (it IS really nice, thick, colorful paper)...and I only used half my monthly $10 donation. Awesome shopping trip.

The kid was excited because he said, I'm going to look for stickers, to which I said, there aren't usually any good ones in there (four drawers of random stickers that I have yet to see any I can use).

He pulls open the drawer marked "fun stickers" and finds a Quiksilver sticker. Ha--the ONLY clothing brand he wears, seriously, he has about 9 t-shirts, all from the Quiksilver store. And he magically found the ONE sticker for the ONE brand of clothing he likes. What are the odds of that? Low I would think.

And then I took a different route getting to the project leader training he had just after that and we stumbled upon the cupcake store!! I had heard about it a while back, but never had any idea where it was---and like a beacon, it was shining on us when we turned a corner on a street we'd never been on.

I'm not a HUGE lover of cupcakes, but a store dedicated to them?? LOVE the idea. We bought a few-and they were pricy, but worth EVERY penny!



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