12:00pm: I could just close this one eye for a few minutes....and then that eye will feel refreshed, then I'll switch.

12:30pm: licking your finger and then rubbing it across your closed eyelid is very refreshing!!! .....for about 2.6 minutes.

1:00pm: Finished a soda - the caffeine should kick in any second now.

1:10pm: Still no kick.

Very busy, very tired.

1:45pm: Two Hershey Kisses, dark chocolate (good for the heart!!!), should help wake me up ANY SECOND.

1:50pm: I don't know if I'll survive today. I am moving in slow motion. I'm probably only typing 50 words per minute.

2:00pm: It's almost irritating listening to my fingers peck the keys so slowly....I should just stop typing.

2:10pm: This is Sudoku's fault....I shouldn't have played that extra hour last night.

2:15pm: Maybe I should have had a smaller lunch...I think a full stomach makes you sleepy.

2:20pm: If I was in Spain right now, we'd be deep in Siesta hour. The Spaniards are smart people!

2:25pm: Oh---I have a vivarin in my bag!!!! One pill=one cup of coffee (which I highly dislike).

2:27pm: No affect yet.

3:05pm: I'm awake!!!!! I don't think I've yawned or rested one eye for the last ten minutes.

3:20pm: wow, it's like I had a full nights sleep!!!

3:47pm: I feel a bit flushed, but it might be because I'm moving FAST. My brain is moving REALLY fast. Getting lots done!!!

4:19pm: Pain, just behind my eyes

4:25pm: Whew! Made it!!! Time to pack up and go home. I think I will take a nice 18 minute nap on the bus.

4:27pm: Can't really tell if I'm sleepy or not....



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