Are You My Mother?

72 years ago, when I was in junior high school, I needed baby photos of my parents for a school project of some sort. My beloved mother gave me two super cute, old photos of a toddler male and a baby female and said they were her and my dad. I didn't question that. Why would I....I trust my mom. I've held onto the photos ever since, through 11 homes, 3 states, 2 continents.


Then I find out, via the detectives in the family, Aunt Jean and Aunt Cora (who dated Cary Grant??) that in fact, my mom gave me a baby picture of someone else!!!


Is my mom not my mom?

Is my mom suffering from some kind of early dementia?
What else have I grown up believing to be true that is not? Who ARE these babies????

Detective A.J. says that is definitely her brother as a toddler...but claims that the baby pic is a younger cousin of mine, Carla (who I haven't spoken to or seen since 1992!). Babies all look the same right, however you'd think you would know what YOU look like as a baby, and as such, my mom should know that THIS photo:

is not her.

Yet I told my entire class and they believed it to be true back in junior high school.

I have had these two photos for YEARS and years, showing all my ex-boyfriends, telling my friends-look at these cute photos of my parents.....planning a great framed piece of photo art that will be a family tree--of baby photos. And's NOT EVEN MY MOM!

Hmmm....I am going to have to look at other photos my mom gave me and see who they really are.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    now I am a just blew my mind when I opened to read your blog and saw Carla Marie's picture...TOO funny!!!


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