Busy Evening

The kid and I were very busy the other night.
We have a Harry Potter card game we were a bit obsessed with about 4 years ago. We have probably over 600 cards to this game but I think you only need 46 in a deck to play. It's much like any other card series that is out-you have to buy new packs to try and get the BEST card to have in your deck. I stumbled upon a card store that was selling an entire box of the packs of cards - something like 100 cards in a box - and it was half off. That's like buy one get one free. It's almost physically impossible to walk by a deal like that.
And it's a good thing we have all these cards....cause otherwise we couldn't do this:

Level one was about 3.5 feet by 1.5 feet.

Oh yeah..we had three layers!!

Time to think about the World Card House Championships!! We would have kept building but ran out of cards.

And then a furry giant grey beast came along and took it all down!

Another productive night.

What's insane about this is the cards were all sorted in the five different types, like Quidditch cards, Potions cards, etc. And then within each section, they were sorted by number. But it was necessary to mix them all up, for the greater good of our card house building talents.



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