Happy Harry Potter Month!!!

I am so excited for the new Harry Potter book coming out next Friday! Yes, I know they are kids books--but they are SO well written and have such a great plot, they don't seem like it.

My son got the gifts as presents every time they came out, but I thought he was too young to fully grasp it (he was five when the first one came out) and I just held onto them, figuring he might want to read them when he got a little older. We started reading them just before the third or fourth book and I can't believe how much I like this series.

When we were in Japan back in 2001, we found a bookstore that had about 8 different versions of the book-Japanese, Korean, Chinese, a few different versions for Great Britain, somewhere else European, somewhere else European and our familiar version. It would have been fun to collect the different types, and with the nice exchange rate, we could have gathered a good number, but we decided they would just end up taking up space and shipping them home would be too much (We have enough collections of random things really). Very cool to see them though.

The movie came out this week. We'll go see that this weekend. I'm not AS excited for the movie, but it will be fun to see. The book is really the big deal.

Two years ago when the new book came out, we went to our local bookstore for the midnight party. It was fun...it would have been more fun if we were either a) very young or b) freaks.

A lot of people showed up in robes with pointed hats and they really REALLY love the books. We preorder the book online and then pick up a ticket the day it comes out to get a place in line to get the book. We got to the store at 11pm last year and were given ticket 768. The witches who were numbers 1-3 had gotten to the bookstore before it opened that morning so they could get the ticket with #1 on it. Even having a 700 number, we had our book by 12:30am. We both had read it the 700-page book within a week (the kid is the slow one). I expect this year will be the same.

And what I love even more about this book---it was written by a poor single mother!! J.K.Rowling was a single mom and just wrote this little book about a wizard. And look at her now! She's now second in line behind Oprah for richest women in the world!! She was unemployed when she typed out the first Potter book on an old typewriter. That's a true rags-to-riches story. I love it.



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