Kitty Drama

Two days ago-both bowls were empty. Yesterday, both bowls were half empty. Today, neither cat will eat from the bowl on the left.
I like to think that the cats are playing games with each other. As in, Ginger (the beautiful cat above), has told the young one, Whiskers (see below) that she gets the left bowl from now on. She's older, she's been in the family longer, and she's bigger, so she gets to choose.

Whiskers is young and immature so he says to Ginger, nope, I'm NOT eating from the bowl on the right EITHER!! and then he storms off and sulks in the corner.

24 hours later...the battle is still on. No one will eat from the right.

Peeking in to see if she's going to eat from that other bowl!

Stubborn and proud!!

Rebellious long-haired bratty teen years...

Totally set up....these two are not friends enough to be hugging. I have no idea how the kid got them to stay still long enough to get this photo.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cute kitties!!


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