We had an interview candidate come through my work on Tuesday and I spent about 30 min talking about the company and the city with him. Our candidates meet with about 5 people, both so they can get a good feel for the atmosphere in our department and so we can get a well-rounded look at whether or not that person would be a good match for us.

He mentioned he had a new baby so i said "aw, your first? Are you still in shock" and he said "yeah, the other day my wife and I were with friends and she looked from our fussy baby to our friends and then said "I don't know why more people don't throw these in the dumpster."

Wait, what?
Yeah...."I don't know why more people don't throw these in the dumpster."
Seriously. In a suit and tie, at a JOB INTERVIEW, relating that story to someone he JUST MET.

He then shared his theories about how some people must just be born to be parents, but unfortunately, neither he nor his wife feel that way about themselves.
Which is fine....but um, I just met you? Should you be sharing that personal info with me?

And really-who says things like that?? Even if i was feeling that way as a new mom--i wouldn't share it with A) my circle of friends or B) a stranger in a job interview.

I told my young one about this that night over dinner and even he couldn't believe it. I made sure to let him know that it's not too late---and there are dumpsters everywhere. He better watch his step.

I imagine if you shared this with your much-younger-than-mine young one, they might come to develop a rational fear of dumpsters. Maybe there are already people out there that have this fear and don't know why. I have now solved the mystery for them.

Speaking of my little darling, he is headed out of town on Sunday for TWELVE days.

Twelve glorious days of having the house clean.
Twelve days of not having to rush straight home after work.
Twelve glorious days of not having to question why there is one sock on the left side of the room and one on the right.
Twelve days of not having to listen to Scrubs (which is on about 7 times a day).
Twelve days of not having to stress out about what he has been doing/not doing all day.
Twelve days of worrying about what he has been doing all day in another state.
Twelve days of wondering if he's ready to come home yet.
Twelve days of wondering if he's doing things he shouldn't be doing.
Twelve days of questioning why I let him go.
Twelve days of being alone.
Twelve days of feeling like something is missing....

He's going to visit my ex-in-laws. His father has been MIA for the last 19 months now-loser-but his parents have always stayed in touch. It could be an awkward situation really, but it has been going okay for the most part. That side of my sons family lives a VERY different lifestyle than my side. It's like visiting another world. So my son is off to outer space on Sunday for twelve days. Just twelve days.



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