Happy Crawfish Day!

I don't eat crawfish.
I don't like the smell of crawfish.
I don't like to see people suck the juices of a crawfish from their little head.
I don't like that you have to pay $7.00 for five crawfish.

But....for three years now I have volunteered at the local Crawfish Fesitval. I guess it makes me feel like I have a connection with the city I live in..I guess. If people like me don't volunteer though, there would be no festival. And a LOT of people have a LOT of fun at this. I don't know that I do, other than I like to volunteer and feel helpful, but other people do.

There's a cute little dog contest every year and that's fun to watch, and there is some shopping to be done at the booths, but otherwise I have never really spent much time there beyond my volunteering.
So I've dedicated 4.5 hrs of my day today to helping the city with their festival. It's a good chance to meet people in the area anyway. I have been working with the same two people each year, but they were very discreetly replaced this year. The city actually replaced the entire office staff with new people. It wasn't a public thing-I had to ask around to find out where Hope and Carol went to...very weird. Secret scandal in the city maybe? I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time.

More later...



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