Tips for Everyone

This whole tipping thing has gotten out of hand.

I was pressured to tip the lady who gave me a massage the other day. I paid the business for the massage fee. They give her the amount she gets paid per massage. I'm supposed to tip above and beyond their fee? Lame. They had signs at the front counter (on both sides), in the waiting room on both tables of the couch, in the actual massage room and then the lady asked me when I was paying. I tipped the minimum amount possible, but I wasn't happy about it.

Valet parking is another one---I understand for some places the valet guys actually RUN, like a full-on, a dingo-ate-my-baby RUN, five blocks to go get your car...they somewhat deserve a tip, but really---is it OUR fault that the restaurant has no parking and we're forced to allow someone else to park it? The places I'm talking about have a valet only parking lot.

The other night I went to dinner and the valet drove the car two spots from where we pulled up at. Then when we came out, he wouldn't let us just go get in it, he claimed that it was a bit tight and he would have to pull it out. Right...cause we've never parked a car between two vehicles before? It's a normal parking lot - they use the regular lines of the parking lot that all the lunch guests use (with no valet parking). Ridiculous.
So to go to a nice dinner, you have to tip the valet to park your car, the bartender if you have to wait for a table at the bar (where else do you wait?), the waitress, then the valet again.

My friends boyfriend is a valet. He makes about $10/hr from the hotel, which is a fairly nice one. He makes up to $800 a week in tips.

Yeah, $800.

A week.

To park someones car at a hotel that doesn't give you the option to park your own car in the lot less than 3 blocks away.

Nice. For $800 a week you should also have to vacuum it and talk lovingly about it when I pick it up.

I think it should be optional---sometimes I might REALLY appreciate stopping at the front door of the hotel and not worrying about the car. Sometimes though, I might really resent the fact that I don't have an option.

I tip the guys who rush around my car and do a good job of hand toweling it dry at the car wash---cause they stand in the spray of the car wash to ready my car, then they meet me at the end of the car wash to dry it off---wet soggy socks all day for probably not much more than minimum wage? And they RUSH around getting my car drive. They deserve a couple bucks.

A good waitress - yes.
A valet service - no.
My car wash buddies - yes.
The hair stylist who gives my son a trim with so little hair leaving his head that you can't tell it was cut - no.
The bartender - first drink, yes. Second drink--only if I see him make me a GOOD drink.
The dry cleaners guy - no.

Tipping is out of control.

Where do we stop with this? When will I have to start tipping the guy at Taco Bell for fast service, or my doctor for diagnosing my virus, the check out lady at Macys, or the airline ticket counter lady, or -heaven forbid- the airport screening guy!

Yeah---airport on my mind---I'm on my way there to get my offspring back.



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