Back to the Real World

School starts this week!!!
We went to Washington to visit the family while we had a chance, as next month our weekends are pretty full.

Here was our guest of honor this weekend:

My brother in law, Jason, flew back to visit for the weekend. He's living apart from his family, stuck in a crappy town on the east coast for some military thing-school maybe? reassignment? I think I was probably told at some point...all I know is that he's on the east coast for almost a year. All by himself. Sad and lonely. Poor Jason.

So he flew back to visit and we had a little reunion party, with my mom and dad, the kid and I, Jasons mom, sister, sister-in-law, and three kids from the two sisters. It was a nice full house. We had a barbecue at Jen & Jay's house and then played games - which is what we do. I love it. Here's a couple shots from my spot at the games table:

This little darling:
took photos for me. She's quite good.
Here's her photos:

Jen & Candace

The only shot she could get of Tyler, who was not cooperating.

And a self-portrait:



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