Carpe Diem!

Did I seize the day today?
I think so...
I accomplished a lot at work. I actually took a lunch and saved myself the $5.50 I would have spent in the cafeteria.

I climbed the stairs on both my breaks in my new plan to lose 30 lbs in the slowest way possible.

I came home and sat on the back porch with the cat and a book and enjoyed the cool breeze on a quiet evening before the kid got home from a friends house.

I beat the kid for the third night in a row playing Phase 10.

Helped the boy with homework, paid all my bills online, did the dishes, took a nice relaxing shower and now I'm off to bed with a book. Just a nice relaxing day.

And even better--tomorrow is wrap day at work. The best day of the week. if only I knew where my library card was so I could renew my books before they are late. Again.
However----even the cost of 4 late books at 15cents a day (or whatever it is) - is a GREAT deal considering how many books I borrow from them a year.
I love my library. I wish my library number was about 11 numbers shorter so I could remember it!
Seriously, is someone out there with the library card #1043? No...probably not. Can't we reset the library cards? My number is literally 16 digits (at least). It might be 24. Once I find my card, I'll find out.



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