Coordinator Extraordinaire

For the last six months I have been working on coordinating a medical conference (the first annual) at work. Well, it's almost game time....the conference is in just 5 days!! I can't believe it.

The networking social is Friday night and the conference is all day Saturday.
I have been working my ass off on his conference, trying to make sure it's PERFECT. It's the first annual and some people weren't so certain it could be pulled together in a six month period of time---but we did it. There are three of us working on it: Amy, who has spelling issues and dismisses about 50% of my emails, and Sue, aka Little Peanut, who dissects every email making sure I triple-check every detail. They are awesome to work with.

It's been a FUN process...but it's about to come to an end. Hopefully with a success story at the end, because it's my intention that there will be no mishaps, no forgotten details, no "we should have done this!", nothing we didn't plan for. Maybe an impossible feat, considering they are clinical people, not admin, and my event planning experience was slightly different and MUCH smaller - but - we have put so much heart and passion into making this successful, that I think we have a good shot at near-perfection.

And then...then I have to do other duties at work. I would say I have been spending about 40% of each month since I started on planning this conference and I have LOVED every bit of it. Well, almost every bit. Dealing with the Parking Dept has been ridiculous- their reputation is not unwarranted!

I am going to miss my Conference Committee members and the fun (and TOTALLY productive!) meetings we have had once a week.

The week after the big conference is Comcast Cares Day - I am the Project Manager at a local elementary school where 100 Comcast employees, and four Project Leaders and hopefully 2 teens, will volunteer to spend 4 hrs doing an Extreme Makeover type event, painting the school and redoing their landscaping. It's a big deal and I'm not sure why they chose me to be Project Manager...maybe my reputation is not unwarranted! :)

It will be fun - hard work and an exhausting day, but fun and very productive.

And then I have nothing big planned...but I'm sure I'll find something somehow.


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