Happy Friday!!

OMG OMG OMG OMG - the conference celebration starts TOMORROW!!!!

We have a networking social tomorrow after work. I am assisting the set-up of the conference in the afternoon and then I go straight to the hotel to help oversee the party. I'm there until 9:45 and then I get o enjoy a nice night at the hotel in my free room - thanks to my excellent bargaining skills - and then I'm up at 6:00 am to start all the fun at the conference. And hopefully home by 5:30pm!

A slightly long day..and the end of my event planning time for now...a bittersweet weekend.

I am approaching the eight-month mark of my new job. In some ways, it feels like AGES, and in some ways, it was just yesterday I worked in that "other department" where I was mistreated and undervalued. I feel like I went from the lowest of the low to a position very near the high of the high. It's not "perfect" - but it's REALLY good.

I was able to adjust my hours and I now catch a slightly-earlier bus which allows me to get home 30 minutes earlier. It's nice to be shave 30 minutes off my commute! I still get my 20 minutes to read on the bus each way, but I don't have to wait 20 minutes for the bus and I miss out on a large amount of rush-hour traffic.

So my crazy, busy weekend begins....and then next weekend--another crazy, busy weekend as we give a local elementary school an Extreme Makeover. Just me and 120 friends, five hours of physical labor, gallons and gallons of paint, tons of bushes and trees, and lots of energizing work. The fun never stops.



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