Books Galore

I haven't talked about the books I've read lately, not because I'm not reading (ha, as if!) and not because I haven't found any good ones to read lately. I just read too many to write about them all.

Here's a book not to read when you're unhappy: Machete season : the killers in Rwanda speak .
It might just push you over the edge.
It's a very depressing first-hand account of what the killers in the Rwandan genocide lived through. Lived through, as in they survived, which was luckier than most of the people in that country. An estimated 50,000 Tutsis were murdered in May and April of 1994. 50,000 people!! That's insane. It's a number beyond comprehension when you're talking about the number of people killed, mostly with machetes, for NO reason, by their neighbors, their friends, their family members in some cases. It's horrifying. A very sad book. It's the second I've read about Rwanda. I'm done with that country for now. I can't take it any more.

Another book, a much easier read, that I finished this month is The Post-Birthday World. It's one of those books that ask, What if I had made THIS choice instead of THAT one? It follows the main character through both scenarios - one in which she chose to follow a temptation and the other where she stuck with her feeling of what was right morally. The book goes through both scenarios, switching at each chapter. It was surprisingly easy to follow along and an easy read.

I started a book called Yes Man, and is one of the few books in my life that I couldn't finish. It was not only poorly written, it was a ridiculous storyline that was meant to be a real-life happening but is so absurd that I couldn't continue pretending that it was a plausible storyline.

I read Forgive Me, which was a fun read, but somehow I ended up back in Africa. I have no idea how I picked a novel out that involved killings in Africa at the same time I got a book about killers in Africa. Purely accidental - but at least I can move out of Africa now for good. Okay, really, who knows - I'll probably end up there in some innocent novel about a child growing up in New York, it just happens that I'm drawn to the continent. Maybe a sign for the future? Anyway, Forgive Me was a good book - very quick read and I would recommend it, though not to someone who can't stomach a few descriptive sections while in Africa.

I'm reading a book about a family from Haiti right now, Brother I'm Dying. It's good. It's no Kite Runner, but it's good.



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