Good Luck to Me!!!

I was driving in the middle-of-nowhere on my way to the Girl Scout Service Fair (as a representative from the volunteer agency) and I'm very carefully following my internet printed directions. I took Exit 2, then took a left than took the second right and ended up on what looked like a road that leads out into the edge-of-nowhere...a little residential road shaded on both sides by these big wonderful trees and up ahead about half a block is something in the middle of the road.

It had the sun reflecting off of it-very shiny and bright colored, and I debated on whether it was too big to drive over without it damaging my car. There was no one else on the road at the time, so I chose to dirve around it (I always remember the story of my sweet little Aunt Elsie who drove over a piece of wood of some sort which was a bit too big and it ruined the undercarriage of her van).

Very carefully, but not all that slow (I HATE being late) - I just barely drove around it - yeah, it was in the MIDDLE, so I couldn't give it a LOT of room. As I get right along side of it and try to peer out onto it, it TAKES FLIGHT!! And it's one of the biggest birds I've seen in a LONG time. Or maybe just one of the biggest birds I've seen that close up. And I swear it looked at me and smiled! :)

Isn't that a sign?? Good luck is upon me or something? How often do you come within 5 feet of a red-tailed hawk? Not often I would guess. And that's why I'm the luckiest person this week.
Yeah, the whole week! It's MY week.

How can you have a bad week when you're smiled upon by a hawk half the size of your car? (The wingspan is from 43 to 57 in.)



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