Keep Your Fingers Dry!!

There comes a time in your life when you just get a certain craving that must be met. Sometimes that craving involves Cheetos.

Cheetos are kinda funky (it's the extruded cornmeal taste) and every time I eat them, I'm never sure if I really like the taste or not...but sometimes...SOMETIMES-you just need to eat some Cheetos.
And so it was today at work.

My old officemate used to eat Cheetos at her desk. It was one of my first memories of her actually.
She was a mess - always slurping her fingers, typing in between bites, crunching as loud as humanly possible. It was nauseating. I don't think I ate Cheetos the entire 2.5 yrs we shared an office.

However, it IS possible to eat Cheetos without reverting into camping mode (the mode where you don't wash for days, smells no longer affect you, if the fork LOOKS clean-the fork IS clean, mode). There's a definite technique to it, it's very important....because Cheetos can take you instantly into the stone age for manners.

Most of the fake cheese from cheetos sticks to your fingers because of moisture. The key is to avoid the moisture. The extruded cornmeal bits are covered in orange dye - so you're going to have SOME oranginess about you, but it really can be contained...try, for the love of Kaylen, please try!!

My attack plan is to pick up each cheeto gently with two and only two and the same two fingers, just the ends of the fingers to put it in my mouth. Then I wipe those two fingers on a napkin. Almost all the cheese-like powder stuff will rub off. It's dry and if you aren't in a hurry, this works easily.

At the end of the half of a snack bag I had today at lunch (really, I can only handle so much extruded cornmeal at a time), I can rub the ends of those two fingers on the side of my soda (cherry coke please!) and get just enough moisture to clean off any leftover nasty orange dye.

Fun Facts About Cheeots:
**One billion bags are sold each year. (I think I've bought six)
**In Korea, they have strawberry flavored ones. They also have meat-flavored ones (though I didn't see them directly, I have heard of them).
**Peru supposedly offers hot-dog flavored ones (whatever that means).
**Cheetos are said to be yummy when dipped in guacamole - though I refuse to test this.
**Tom Straub, a restaurant proprietor in Algona, Iowa, is the proud owner of the “World’s Largest Cheeto.” Lucky man.


  1. Aunt Jean in IOWA said...:

    Kaylen...Cheetos are my biggest weakness.....and I truly believe it is the crunchy that I unreal we would have that in common!!!!


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