Mo Money

I keep thinking about getting a second job. The kid is busier with friends, school, chatting online, video games, sitting for long periods of time doing nothing but listening to music. He doesn't need all my free time - I should make better use of it, eh?

The only problem with getting a second job is the timing. I can't work in the evenings - I have to be home for dinner and available to help with homework as needed.

So that leaves the weekends.

But not Saturday morning, cause the kid has to get to his bowling league by 9:00am and have a ride home about 11:30am. We go to a bowling alley a little south of us and found that it's mostly made up of people who live quite south of us who don't have a bowling alley in their small town. No carpooling here.

And two Sundays a month I have my regular volunteer projects, right in the middle of the day.

That leaves me with Friday evenings after 6:30pm, Saturdays after 11:45am and Sunday nights.

And I can't really start that schedule until after December, because I have 4 volunteer projects in October, 3 in November and 4 (5?) in December, in addition to traveling for my son's FIFTEENTH birthday to visit relatives, celebrating Thanks-For-The-Food-We're-Now-Taking-Over-Your-Land day, shopping for the holidays and then traveling again to see the family.

Not really a lot of time to make much money...and who wants the employee with a schedule like that?

I need to find a job where I can work at home anytime during the week. Then I can work around my regular job schedule, the kids schedule, dinner schedule and the weekend schedule.



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