Too Busy To Type

I am just not motivated this week.

Things I have to do:
  • Sort through the three boxes in the corner of my dining room - leftovers from the garage sale in August, stuff I need to try to sell.
  • Read and learn more about Filemaker Pro.
  • Play darts with the kid.
  • Read four library books.
  • Scrapbook the first six years of my precious child's life.
  • Sell the kids futon, hero clix, race track and matchbox cars (from when he was 5), and the approximately 150 action figures sitting in a big bin on the back porch (which he has also had since he was 5).
  • Prepare for the next two Sundays of volunteer events.
  • Create a monthly budget (since the paycheck budget I have been going on year is not working out).
  • Vacuum my car.
  • Water my plants (I can't remember the last time I did...I like to think that the drought we're in now is only making them stronger).
  • Clean my computer hard drive. We were trying to set up my sons Zune to save videos to it and in the process, we downloaded approximately 6 freeware programs that will do the converting Quick and Simple for us. Unfortunately, none of them were quick, and none were simple. After 90 minutes spent on this project from Satanville, I ended up paying for a product online that I knew worked, but I was trying to get for free. Afterwards my son said, "I've never seen you be so negative about something before!" I was prepared to stay up all night if I had to - I WAS going to make this work....i just wasn't really happy about it - but I was not going to give up. He paid (mostly his own money) over $200 for this "thing" that plays video and it had been six months with no videos and he was preparing to take a 3 hr plane ride - I was not going to give up. And I didn't....but I did end up paying $30.00, which isn't that much I guess.
  • Work out (ha).
  • Blog about my exciting and fascinating life.

Things I did this week instead of the above:

  • Read one book from the library.
  • Started a puzzle.
  • Answered about 17 emails about upcoming volunteer projects.
  • Planned a game night with my MeetinPortland friends.
  • Watched Heroes, Biggest Loser, Survivor and ER on tv (but without commercials, so the hour long shows are only 40 minutes).
    Went to the library.
  • Visited the new location for my volunteer projects to check on the room capacity.
  • Met with 6 people to play Phase 10 (and after graciously showing these people how to play, they had the nerve to beat me. Badly.)
  • Learned how to make bullets on my blog!



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