Best Parenting Quotes of the Month

My personal shining parenting moment of the month was when my son and I were talking about when we could celebrate his birthday. I have four volunteer projects this month (four?? is there a prize or something??) and he has a bowling tournament and my friend has a birthday party and it's the celebration-of-the-overtaking-of-the-Indians-day. There's a lot going on this month.
He doesn't want a party but we want to make the drive up to visit the family. This was our conversation:

Me: We could just go up around Thanksgiving and celebrate your birthday then.
Him: I don't' know...I'd rather not wait.
Me: So we could go between the weekends and celebrate both-one late, one a little early.
Him: Why can't we go on this date?
Me: I have a volunteer project.
Him: We could just cancel it.
Me: I don't think we have to cancel your birthday, we can find a time.
Him: [blank stare]
Me: ......what?
Him: Why would I suggest I cancel my birthday??
Me: Oh...the volunteer event...right...

And don't even talk to me about the time I flipped him off in the middle of a crowded restaurant (it was an ACCIDENT!!!). It's hard to be the adult ALL the time.

My work-friend has two boys under the age of 4, insane, I know. It's almost as if you're punishing yourself for something...

The quote of the week from her:

After a stressful morning of two rambunctious boys not listening to her as she rushed around trying to get them out of the house and to the daycare, they arrive to the same location they go to every morning and one of the boys decides he doesn't want to go inside.

Mom: C'mon, let's go inside.
Boy 1: Okay Momma.
Boy 2: No.
Mom: C'mon, get out of the car, it's time to go inside.
Boy 2: No!
Mom: Fine, me and Boy 1 are going inside. Watch out for the ghosts.
Boy 2: What ghosts?
Mom: The ones that will arrive soon while Boy 1 and I are inside.
Boy 2: Wait, I'm coming.

Nothing like scaring the holy terror out of your child to get them to listen. That's what having two children of such a young age will do to you.



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