Holy Birthday Boy, Batman!!

It's my offspring's 15th birthday in 36 hours!!

We are off to visit the family up north to celebrate the big event. No big party planned - just hanging out with the family...bowling, playing games, lots of video games-you know, the normal fun-filled family events.

Jenny and I are going to power-scrap all day Friday while Andrew is off with Grandpa bowling and the niece and nephew are in school and Grandma is at work. I have two years of Christmas pictures to scrapbook, one camping trip, a visit to the dam, and lots of random photos. FUN!

I think Grandma is going to bake a cake this year...Andrew prefers triple chocolate covered with chocolate fudge frosting and with a chocolate filling, and maybe some chocolate sprinkles on top! He might be the only one eating it-we'll see how chocolaty Grandma can make it.

And - YAY - I have tomorrow off!! I have been swamped at work lately. My coworker is ill and has been out for about four weeks (minus three days he made it in during that time). I've been doing part of his job (and my own) and been coming home pretty exhausted most days. I think my brain is melting...it will be nice to have a three-day weekend. So we're headed up north tomorrow after I get off work - yes, we'll probably hit traffic here in town, but can we really rearrange our lives around when there will be traffic? Not much really - there's ALWAYS going to be traffic. It's just a three-hour drive, with an extra 30 min for traffic maximum-it's really not too bad. We'll have to head back mid-Saturday because there is an all-day bowling tournament on Sunday, an hour south of home - planning on doing a lot of driving this weekend! Al Gore would be sad (but doesn't he fly around in a private jet??).



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