Just Thinking....

My observations for the day:

Once you have the initial thought that the cranberry/apple spice tea you are drinking looks like blood - there's no drinking the rest.

The men who use the restrooms on my floor have terrible eyesight or terrible aim, or a combo of both.

If you give a nice deep chest cough a few times when someone you don't want to sit next to on the bus is walking down the aisle, chances are better that you won't have to sit next to them. Like the woman who talks loudly non-stop on her phone the entire 20 minute ride, or the man who is afraid of human touch and fidgets the entire ride, trying to ensure that no part of him ever touches any part of you (although if you did sit near him, it's somewhat entertaining to shift a little now and again so you end up shoulder touching shoulder).

Eating 6 cheetos a day throughout the week is just as satisfying as eating 30 at one time.

The Swedish language is one of my least favorite. It used to be the Chinese accent-but nope, definitely the Swedish for now.

There really are people who believe that praying really REALLY hard will cure cancer.

When you are really in a hurry, electronics can sense it and will malfunction as much as possible without needing a tech called. They are like dogs who sense your fear and only growl and threaten to bite you to the point where you truly believe they will, but their owners are CERTAIN it's safe.

It's very selfish for people to drive stupid, as the three accidents that occured in my 7 mile commute home proved - instead of ten minutes, it took 40. Those people were really selfish, someones reckless driving made for a long commute home for a lot of people. Jerks.

Global warming sucks - it's really cold here right now, we're expecting a big storm this weekend.

Presents Day is only 26 days away. I can't believe it. I've done just a little bit of shopping, but am not too worried.

Q-tips are a necessary part of life. Along with a good ball cap, a friend you can call at any hour, a nice bed to sleep in and a friendly cat.


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