Kaylen, Where Are You??

Here I am.
After weeks of non-stop fast-paced high activity at work, organizing an Adopt a Family with 8 strangers in a two-week period, leading and coordinating three volunteer events, planning Presents Day with my family and the usual taking care of a teen business...Presents Day came and went.

I had five glorious days off work...and spent approximately 2 of those days sleeping.
Yup, I got sick for the holidays-maybe just a little run down?
The worst Presents Day ever? Maybe...though I got everything I wanted.

I got the kid a few things on sale and he returned them to trade in for something bigger that he wanted...and got twice the amount I paid. Could the store really do anything if I told them, no, no, don't give him $100 for that, I only paid $45 online.

No, they can't help me at that point. It's not a website where I can return things (like a deal a day site), so it was either keep something he ended up not wanting (though he picked it out a month ago) or let the store take it back and resell it. The money went right back into their store anyway-he got store credit.

And now he's the proud owner of a beautiful new surround sound speaker system in his bedroom.
And I'd like to take a moment to apologize to my neighbors.

Pictures coming soon....

Presents Day in TEN Days!!

And guess how much shopping I've gotten done?
Not enough.

I actually went to a little art party (a benefit for a local non-profit) and some friends and I were having a conversation about how commercialized the holiday is and how we don't even enjoy it that much. It's stressful having to buy gifts for everyone in your family at one time, especially when you have people who are quite fortunate in life, or who you can never seem to find a good gift for and you feel like you're just wasting your money....it's just frustrating. We're not celebrating a religious occasion, we're celebrating our family being together-which is great-but can't we just call it what it is? It's Presents Day!

I LOVE giving gifts, don't get me wrong. A group of friends and I "adopted a family" for the holidays and I can't go to the store without looking at things I think they might like. It's easy to shop for a family who you know has very little, because you know they will appreciate anything and everything and that they really need it. Often times, I find myself buying some random thing for a person because I'm obligated to get them something and even if I can't find a good gift, I find something that is adequate. I think it would be more fun to purchase things throughout the year at times that fit both my budget and just happen to be a time when I find something that someone will really appreciate and enjoy.

My schedule this month has been ridiculous - This week is the worst. I have two volunteer projects this weekend, I'm meeting people all week to drop off their Adopt A Family gifts, I have a volunteer project leader appreciation party, I need to get the house cleaned for a party at my apt on Wednesday where we are wrapping the donated gifts, I have to get some cards ready to mail for my Love Letters project, I will probably have to work late one day, I have to get my son to the bowling alley to post-bowl (he was sick this morning and missed league bowling), I have to deliver the presents to the Adopt A Family home, have to shop for 6 people, get my haircut, clean my car, and then have to drive 3 hrs to go see the family. Crazy. I'm supposed to make homemade cookies (for the adopted family) and rice krispie treats (for us).

Crazy week ahead. And I have two books from the library to finish.
And it's ten days til Presents Day.

Brain Candy

I love Sudoku.
I like the normal sudoku, but this is one of my favorite pastimes:

I'm pretty sure it's helping my brain stay on top of things. I really do think I'm smarter because I can put together puzzles such as these.

I have a little electronic sudoku game that I play every night before bed - and if I'm on the phone with someone, chances are high that I'm playing this game at the same time. It helps me keep my multi-tasking skills in tip-top shape.

Raising a Lady

Just another reason to hate Walmart....

These are panties they are selling for little girls.

Is there anyway that this is NOT horrible?

This is worse than buying your young daughter those little cotton shorts that say HOT across her rear. Why would you want to attract attention to you pre-teen daughters bottom? That's disturbing.

And why would you want to buy your little girl panties that imply her private parts are somehow related to money?

This goes great with the Prostitot costumes that were available at Halloween.

FWD: Re: Re: Re: Re: Meaning of Christmas

This poem is making the rounds, it's a forwarded message that some people find very moving and very accurate of real life.
Below the first poem is an even better poem (which I helped write a tiny bit, but otherwise, the author is my friend from work).

>>> <> 12/5/2007 12:32 PM >>>


Poem by Sharon Steege

I don't know who they are
Saying I can't greet the crowd
The way that I want to
Can't say **CHRISTMAS* * out loud.

I walk into a business place
See things that I rather not see
But dare I not say **CHRISTMAS* *
And ask for a "holiday" tree.

What happened to freedom of speech
And living in the land of the free
How can they take my **CHRISTMAS* * money
But can't say **MERRY CHRISTMAS** to me.

Men and women have given their lives
So we could still go free
I wonder how they would feel

Come on AMERICA let's wake up
Don't let our freedom escape
If they get by with doing this
What else will they take.

This is starting to get out of hand,
And I've begun to keep track
Well I've just about had enough

I hope this gets all over the net
If we all stand united and take freedom back
'Twill be our best CHRISTMAS YET!

Merrry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

* PASS I ON! *

Note: For those who do not believe in Christmas...Just sit down, keep it
to yourself and enjoy your day off with pay....You all don't like
Christmas, but don't mind the money it puts in your pocket...

Wake Up!

By: Erin Dobin

The above poem is ridiculous,
I must say....
There is this select group of people
who always want their own way
They believe it's best
No room for the rest

They are for things like nation-wide Christmas,
the pledge of allegiance, and religion at school,
but I will tell you what really makes them uncool

They are splitting the nation with their open mouths,
they want everything they want, and have nothing to give,
especially when it comes to the single mother
who was forced to have that sixth kid

They want to keep their guns bullets and all
and do not want to get the call
that says that the worst has happened yet
their kid was shot at school by a dimwit, and all
they can think is "I'm going to sue, and how much can I get?"

If this group would stop and look around
they would see this nation falling to the ground
They are not for equality, ending racism, or the war
they are only for what is going to divide us more

Narrow-mindedness is not a good trait
please think more before sending messages that will seal our fate

You don't see other groups sending around mail
that describes how they feel, like they are in jail
Your kind wants to always silence others
who have different beliefs and preferences than
what you were taught by your Fathers and Mothers

I am a believer of this holiday season we call Christmas
but also understand that many people live here and we need to
respect their wishes and rights to celebrate as well
whether it be Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or even Hell

We're all tired of the self-righteous beliefs you all tout
With us or against us becomes what it's all about
If you are truly believing in this, the spirit of giving
Start by tolerating the beliefs that others are living

Merry Christmas to you too!

My Future Plans

My ideal future home:

On the edge of a forest, overlooking the ocean, is a small two room house, some might call it a shack or a hut, I suppose.
It has a private bedroom, the rest is made up of an open kitchen and living room.

There's a small bathroom with a shower off the edge of the bedroom.
It's cool in the summer, but warm in the winter.

The neighbors are just a half a block or so away. Probably named something like Narita and Jose and they have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren (a set of twins by their eldest daughter Marita), all of whom know me well enough to stop by and say hello every time they visit.

My backyard has a wonderful little garden, where I grow most of my own food - I'm eating mostly fresh fruit and fresh salads, and of course steamed broccoli.

I have a few cats, of course, one of whom is indoor only and is the cuddliest cat you ever met. I have a donkey-his name is Juan Valdez-who helps me carry my veggies to the market to sell to Raul, who runs a small marketplace in the town a mile away. I have a goat, who provides milk for making cheese and yogurt and for helping keep the grass trimmed.

Every other Friday night, I host a barbecue for the area regulars. We eat grilled chicken and drink margaritas and dance with flowers in our hair.

Once every other month, I have an American friend come stay with me for a week or so-their chance to get away from the rat race and the mess that is the America of the future.

I have a bike with a basket for my weekly trips to the larger city 3 miles away, where I get my mail and exchange my books at the local library. I spend the day in town helping at a free medical clinic that serves the children in the community. Sometimes I stay with some friends in the city to help out a second or third day.

Once every four months, I take a trip to America to visit my son, who hopefully has not gotten too sucked up in the capitalist lifestyle and hopefully he isn't working 70 hours a week to provide for a family that would prefer he work 38 and spend more time with them and not have as much materialistic goods. His wife is sweet, I helped him find her, of course. They have a very well-trained dog, which I can tolerate because it doesn't jump on me and somehow doesn't smell like a nasty wet dog all the time (like most dogs do).

It's a good life.


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