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This poem is making the rounds, it's a forwarded message that some people find very moving and very accurate of real life.
Below the first poem is an even better poem (which I helped write a tiny bit, but otherwise, the author is my friend from work).

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Poem by Sharon Steege

I don't know who they are
Saying I can't greet the crowd
The way that I want to
Can't say **CHRISTMAS* * out loud.

I walk into a business place
See things that I rather not see
But dare I not say **CHRISTMAS* *
And ask for a "holiday" tree.

What happened to freedom of speech
And living in the land of the free
How can they take my **CHRISTMAS* * money
But can't say **MERRY CHRISTMAS** to me.

Men and women have given their lives
So we could still go free
I wonder how they would feel

Come on AMERICA let's wake up
Don't let our freedom escape
If they get by with doing this
What else will they take.

This is starting to get out of hand,
And I've begun to keep track
Well I've just about had enough

I hope this gets all over the net
If we all stand united and take freedom back
'Twill be our best CHRISTMAS YET!

Merrry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

* PASS I ON! *

Note: For those who do not believe in Christmas...Just sit down, keep it
to yourself and enjoy your day off with pay....You all don't like
Christmas, but don't mind the money it puts in your pocket...

Wake Up!

By: Erin Dobin

The above poem is ridiculous,
I must say....
There is this select group of people
who always want their own way
They believe it's best
No room for the rest

They are for things like nation-wide Christmas,
the pledge of allegiance, and religion at school,
but I will tell you what really makes them uncool

They are splitting the nation with their open mouths,
they want everything they want, and have nothing to give,
especially when it comes to the single mother
who was forced to have that sixth kid

They want to keep their guns bullets and all
and do not want to get the call
that says that the worst has happened yet
their kid was shot at school by a dimwit, and all
they can think is "I'm going to sue, and how much can I get?"

If this group would stop and look around
they would see this nation falling to the ground
They are not for equality, ending racism, or the war
they are only for what is going to divide us more

Narrow-mindedness is not a good trait
please think more before sending messages that will seal our fate

You don't see other groups sending around mail
that describes how they feel, like they are in jail
Your kind wants to always silence others
who have different beliefs and preferences than
what you were taught by your Fathers and Mothers

I am a believer of this holiday season we call Christmas
but also understand that many people live here and we need to
respect their wishes and rights to celebrate as well
whether it be Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or even Hell

We're all tired of the self-righteous beliefs you all tout
With us or against us becomes what it's all about
If you are truly believing in this, the spirit of giving
Start by tolerating the beliefs that others are living

Merry Christmas to you too!



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