Kaylen, Where Are You??

Here I am.
After weeks of non-stop fast-paced high activity at work, organizing an Adopt a Family with 8 strangers in a two-week period, leading and coordinating three volunteer events, planning Presents Day with my family and the usual taking care of a teen business...Presents Day came and went.

I had five glorious days off work...and spent approximately 2 of those days sleeping.
Yup, I got sick for the holidays-maybe just a little run down?
The worst Presents Day ever? Maybe...though I got everything I wanted.

I got the kid a few things on sale and he returned them to trade in for something bigger that he wanted...and got twice the amount I paid. Could the store really do anything if I told them, no, no, don't give him $100 for that, I only paid $45 online.

No, they can't help me at that point. It's not a website where I can return things (like a deal a day site), so it was either keep something he ended up not wanting (though he picked it out a month ago) or let the store take it back and resell it. The money went right back into their store anyway-he got store credit.

And now he's the proud owner of a beautiful new surround sound speaker system in his bedroom.
And I'd like to take a moment to apologize to my neighbors.

Pictures coming soon....



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