My Future Plans

My ideal future home:

On the edge of a forest, overlooking the ocean, is a small two room house, some might call it a shack or a hut, I suppose.
It has a private bedroom, the rest is made up of an open kitchen and living room.

There's a small bathroom with a shower off the edge of the bedroom.
It's cool in the summer, but warm in the winter.

The neighbors are just a half a block or so away. Probably named something like Narita and Jose and they have 5 grown children and 12 grandchildren (a set of twins by their eldest daughter Marita), all of whom know me well enough to stop by and say hello every time they visit.

My backyard has a wonderful little garden, where I grow most of my own food - I'm eating mostly fresh fruit and fresh salads, and of course steamed broccoli.

I have a few cats, of course, one of whom is indoor only and is the cuddliest cat you ever met. I have a donkey-his name is Juan Valdez-who helps me carry my veggies to the market to sell to Raul, who runs a small marketplace in the town a mile away. I have a goat, who provides milk for making cheese and yogurt and for helping keep the grass trimmed.

Every other Friday night, I host a barbecue for the area regulars. We eat grilled chicken and drink margaritas and dance with flowers in our hair.

Once every other month, I have an American friend come stay with me for a week or so-their chance to get away from the rat race and the mess that is the America of the future.

I have a bike with a basket for my weekly trips to the larger city 3 miles away, where I get my mail and exchange my books at the local library. I spend the day in town helping at a free medical clinic that serves the children in the community. Sometimes I stay with some friends in the city to help out a second or third day.

Once every four months, I take a trip to America to visit my son, who hopefully has not gotten too sucked up in the capitalist lifestyle and hopefully he isn't working 70 hours a week to provide for a family that would prefer he work 38 and spend more time with them and not have as much materialistic goods. His wife is sweet, I helped him find her, of course. They have a very well-trained dog, which I can tolerate because it doesn't jump on me and somehow doesn't smell like a nasty wet dog all the time (like most dogs do).

It's a good life.



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