Presents Day in TEN Days!!

And guess how much shopping I've gotten done?
Not enough.

I actually went to a little art party (a benefit for a local non-profit) and some friends and I were having a conversation about how commercialized the holiday is and how we don't even enjoy it that much. It's stressful having to buy gifts for everyone in your family at one time, especially when you have people who are quite fortunate in life, or who you can never seem to find a good gift for and you feel like you're just wasting your's just frustrating. We're not celebrating a religious occasion, we're celebrating our family being together-which is great-but can't we just call it what it is? It's Presents Day!

I LOVE giving gifts, don't get me wrong. A group of friends and I "adopted a family" for the holidays and I can't go to the store without looking at things I think they might like. It's easy to shop for a family who you know has very little, because you know they will appreciate anything and everything and that they really need it. Often times, I find myself buying some random thing for a person because I'm obligated to get them something and even if I can't find a good gift, I find something that is adequate. I think it would be more fun to purchase things throughout the year at times that fit both my budget and just happen to be a time when I find something that someone will really appreciate and enjoy.

My schedule this month has been ridiculous - This week is the worst. I have two volunteer projects this weekend, I'm meeting people all week to drop off their Adopt A Family gifts, I have a volunteer project leader appreciation party, I need to get the house cleaned for a party at my apt on Wednesday where we are wrapping the donated gifts, I have to get some cards ready to mail for my Love Letters project, I will probably have to work late one day, I have to get my son to the bowling alley to post-bowl (he was sick this morning and missed league bowling), I have to deliver the presents to the Adopt A Family home, have to shop for 6 people, get my haircut, clean my car, and then have to drive 3 hrs to go see the family. Crazy. I'm supposed to make homemade cookies (for the adopted family) and rice krispie treats (for us).

Crazy week ahead. And I have two books from the library to finish.
And it's ten days til Presents Day.



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