Guess who got his drivers permit?
This one:

But don't worry....cause (in his words):
"I've been watching you drive for years!"

And so, he should be an expert driver!

He DID pass in a surprisingly VERY short amount of time, missing only four, which is even more surprising since he didn't really study the dmv booklet ("I read it in class today!"). BUT-he did great.

And his driving knowledge shined through tonight when I asked him "which way do you turn the wheel if you start skidding?"

His answer: Turn to the right.

It's been quite some time since I've had to take the drivers test, however, I HAVE been driving for about 16 years now and I can't remember ever hearing that I should always turn to the right when skidding. I'm STILL laughing about it. My son will be the one on the icy road spinning in circles, because he won't stop turning right.

He's funny.



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