I Do Not Heart Dentists!

It takes my dental plan 78 days to get my son and I in to get our teeth cleaned. SEVENTY-EIGHT days.
It takes a kiwi egg 78 days to hatch.

One time I had a dental emergency and they told me I could get in 6 days later. SIX days for an EMERGENCY. I refused their six-day offer and instead said, "I will be there in the morning." They kindly said they might be able to fit me in-between patients but there was no guarantee and I might sit there all day and never get seen. The next morning, I was in front of a dentist within 90 minutes. It helps to make a lot of eye contact with the receptionist and look pained. Phone people don't care about your pain.

This was almost three years ago now...when I went to the dentist that day, they told me I have an overbite and a type of TMJ and would need to be operated on. They referred me to an maxofacial surgeon, but I couldn't be referred from my dental office to a medical office or my medical insurance wouldn't pay for it and my dental insurance wouldn't pay for surgery since it's outside their office.

So---then I had to go to my doctor---oh, there's a three-week wait to see him? Hmmm...perfect. Meanwhile, I have trouble moving my mouth at all. (no, it didn't mean I talked less, it means I learned how to talk while either applying pressure to my left jaw or by keeping my teeth together most of the time). Luckily, I work in the medical field and have an inside connection to my doctor----so I emailed him and got in two days later. I'm sneaky, but effective at getting things done.

So--my doctor looks at my jaw for 2 minutes and gives the referral that we all knew I needed. I call the maxofacial surgeon--it's a two-week wait to see him. No back doors to this alleyway, so I had to wait two weeks. And then when I did get in to see him, he told me I definitely need surgery, however, I need to fix my overbite first and referred me BACK to my dentist to see an orthodontist.

And we know what happens when you try to get in to see my dentist.....it's at best a 6 wk wait.

And---you can't be referred from a medical group to a dental group, so I would have to make an appointment to get the referral.

No thank you-I will call the dentist myself directly and continue to call until I get the referral. I had the referral two days later, but then-of course-it's a 3 week wait to see the orthodontist.

The ortho dentist looked at my mouth, looked at my chart and said, You need to see a maxofacial surgeon....and closed the chart and took off his gloves.

huh? wait...slow down there turbo---HE sent me to you.

huh? oh...he did? oh...just a minute.

Apparently my 15 yr old ortho dentist had to go verify something with someone because he then came back and told me we should start the process of getting me fitted for braces and very nonchalantly said I would need to put down a $100 deposit and make an appt to have a mold taken of my mouth.

huh? $100 and I have to make ANOTHER appt?
I told him I couldn't drop down $100 at this time and I would be back.
And I never looked back.

And apparently no one looked for me...
or even looked at my chart because I've been to the dentist two more times since then to have my teeth checked and no one has either mentioned my history with them, my overbite, OR the extremely loud cracking noise I make when I open my mouth wide (EVERY time I open my mouth wide).

Doesn't this sound like the greatest dental plan ever?
And for this I pay $31 twice a month, with no option to opt out. Ridiculous.

Does this look like a smile that needs thousands of dollars of work done??? (the correct answer is NO)



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