The Greatest Aunt Ever!!

The story behind this picture....
...has been a secret.
Aren't they sweet looking? Adorable, happy children?
This was on a day when Andrew and I met Jason, Tyler and Alyssa at a local school for Tylers baseball game. I took the two little ones to the playground and I'm pretty sure Jason the worrier reminded me to be careful with Alyssa...cause he usually did.

So, being the good Aunt that I am, I told little Andrew to hold Alyssa's hand going down the slide so she would be "safe."

I didn't take into account gravity though....and as some people might know, heavier children go down the slide faster than the smaller children. And if the children are holding hands as they go down the slide, the smaller one will be pulled along at a rate not consistent with gravity. I think that Andrew might have pushed off at the top when Alyssa was still holding on or was a FAST slide.

In other words, approximately 7 seconds after this cute photo was taken, little Alyssa ended the slide nearly on her head.
Not so cute.

And the first thing Andrew did was look to see if Uncle Jason saw. Smart boy.

We checked for any obvious injury and then distracted her so she would stop crying.
And no one was ever the wiser.



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