Walk Away

Why do we have media helicopters following a woman to a custody hearing? I am somewhat fascinated by the celebrity life at times, but I really don't care if Britney is dating someone new, if she wore the same outfit twice, if she went to two gas stations in one day...and it's really sad that we are ruining this womans life with our fascination of her.

She doesn't even have a career anymore. Let's leave it alone already.
She should walk away. Walk away from hollywood, walk away from everything here and disappear in Canada. Walk away Britney. Go have a life.

I do, however, care somewhat about Tom Cruise and the Scientology movement. THey really believe the human race is connected to alien life form that came to earth billions and billions of years ago? THAT is fascinating. A former beautiful singer buying cigarettes twice a day...NOT fascinating.

Another religion speaks nonsense to me:
75 million years ago, the galactic ruler, Xenu, rounded up the populations of 76 planets and had them brought to earth. Here their bodies were dumped near volcanoes which were blown up with hydrogen bombs. The individual spirits (or 'thetans') were collected and 'implanted' with 36 days of movies depicting the symbols of Christianity and all the social, religious and technological phenomena which have since ensued. These spirits were then gathered into 'clusters,' and everyone currently alive is supposedly a mass of such clustered spirits.

When I first read this, I thought it was a joke, something maing fun of christianity and the "how is this real" stories of the bible...but no, it's REAL and a LOT of people believe in Xenu.




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