Teenager for Sale

My precious darling child would like a new home.

Here is what he needs:

**3 dinners every night

**No restrictions on video games/computer time-ever

**No bedtime

**Unlimited supply of chewing gum

**No rules about cleaning his room-ever

**Someone to follow behind him and pick up his socks

**Preferably steak 3X a week for dinner

**Someone with a fairly high income to maintain his lavish lifestyle needs

That's all-simple enough.

Any takers?
I'll give you a great deal.

Birthday Resolutions

I'm not a big fan of resolutions, because no one sticks to them anyway...but I'm making resolutions based on my years of life.
So I'm 34 now....I think I should have at least ten resolutions so that I can maybe stick to one or two.

I'm working on the first five tonight, but it's getting late so I'll do the other five later.

1. Volunteer more. Right now I do 2-3X a month but just for about 3 hours at a time. I think I can come close to doubling that.

2. Blah blah, exercise more. Everyone says that....but I am not like them-I really mean it! Actually, I DID just get a treadmill about seven weeks ago (thank you Sears for the no interest, no payments for one year) and I've been using it quite regularly.

3. Eat more fruit. This weekend I ate two pears (which are VERY bad for my tmj of course). Two pears in one weekend is two more pieces of fruit than I've had all month. I just don't eat much fruit-mainly because I am supposed to cut it and that's just too much work for the enjoyment I get out of it. I really like the little mandarin oranges - we nearly lived on those in Korea where they are called kewls. However, the wonderful delicious kewls we bought in Korea for 15 for $1.00 are 15 for $8.00 here right now and I just can't get past the cost of those. That's really expensive.

4. Go on vacation. I didn't go anywhere at all last year (other than several trips to visit the folks up north). I haven't gone anywhere since a camping trip in August of 2006. That's a long time. It was a really great trip though-we stayed in a yurt, we walked the beach, we roasted tons of marshmallows, we read late into the night, we camped in the back of our new car, we visited the aquarium and a wildlife park. It was fun. It would be great to go on a relaxing get-away again sometime soon.

5. Get more child support. My ex has been paying the same very small amount of money since we got divorced 13 years ago. Considering he has very little interest in being a father and only wants to follow the court papers when it comes to him claiming our son as a tax exemption-it's time to make a change. I've been lax in doing so-I'm doing great supporting the kid on my own and he's fairly absent. I'd rather have no contact with him ever again and court has NEVER ever ever EVER worked in my favor. EVER.

more later....

It's the Birthday Girl!!!!

It's my birthday!!!!!

Other Peoples Thoughts

I check all these random Deal-A-Day sites and some of them have emails that go out to any subscriber to alert them to the deal of that day. Helpful.

One of them: Steep and Cheap, is f.u.n.n.y.

Funny in a quirky way that I like-just random thoughts. It's usually just about four or five lines about some very odd subject, nothing that ever relates to anything. However-he had a great Valentines Day rambling blog....and I'll just copy it for you all since I'm sure no one I know subscribes to his blog like I do.

Valentine's Day annually marks the triumph of Hallmark's marketing team over America. Let's be honest, the holiday's only good for florists and gift card writers. If you just started dating a girl, Valentine's Day forces you into an awkward romantic setting where you're supposed to behave a certain way even if you aren't ready. It's almost just as bad later in relationships. People (women) have high expectations for the night, and the holiday never quite seems up to spec. And if you actually plan a crazy romantic night like something out of a movie I wouldn't like watching, then you know the bar will be raised even higher next year. It's even worse for single people since it's just a sad reminder that the only thing keeping the other side of the bed warm is a dog they care about way, way too much.

I'm with him-Valentines Day is stupid. Why do we fall for this fake holiday?

Restless Night

I woke up about 2am...the heat was on too high-a result of me not turning the heat on until it was time to go to bed and then I try and overcompensate and turn it on too much.

Went back to sleep, then woke at 3:30am to the sound of the beautiful Ginger cat crying like her tail was on fire. She will make this cry if I lock her in the room with me, but last night she was on the outside crying and crying. It was sad, I had to get up and let her in, as I'm certain the noise would have continued if I hadn't attended to her needs.

In comes the princess and jumps on the bed and waits for me to scratch her little cheeks and rub her back, as is my duty apparently.

Happy happy cat....for about 45 seconds and then....coughing, choking cat. Yeah, on my BED. In the dark. At 3:30am.

She has more class than to actually vomit on my bed. I think she just wanted in to make sure I recognized that she was not feeling well.

And so she left the bedroom and stopped the choking, coughing noise and went back to staring out the back door, or whatever it is she does all night...

But I couldn't sleep because I was CERTAIN that the crying at my closed door was her trying to tell me something. She NEVER cries to be let in, only out. I was pretty sure that that particular cry actually translates into "LET ME OUT NOW", but now I see it might just mean "OPEN THE DOOR NOW."

Anyway, I got up at least twice more to go check on her - I was that certain that something was wrong with her and I didn't want her to die alone while I slept peacefully in the next room, after she did her best to warn me something was wrong. It was a total "Timmy has fallen in the well" moment between us....but I never figured out where Timmy was or what was wrong with him.
It was a very restless night for me.

What a Mess!

My volunteer event had a high number of people show up...which is normally a great thing---but not when 10 people come in late. Or when you don't have enough seating for everyone. Or when you don't have the supplies with you for that many people.

It was just a really messy start to what turned out to be a really great project. I've been doing this same project for about 9 months now and never had any amount of confusion as I did today. And it's the first time I remember feeling like things were a bit out of control at one of my volunteer events. I prepared for it just as usual-I guess sometimes things just will not go smoothly-regardless of preparation.

We are making alphabet posters for schools overseas. We did Uganda and Dominican Republic already and I think todays posters will go to Kenya. I need more schools to send to. I might have made a connection to a school in Guatemala today...we'll see if that pans out.

There was a family of five, with kids from 5-11. I love to see families volunteering, especially when it's not school-mandated volunteering. The mom said it's their first time and they were seeing how the kids did with it, but they did great. It just happened that I needed to do four things at one time with so many people and a huge amount of activity going on at once-I just grabbed the oldest boy (who looked slightly bored)and assigned him a task, then his sister came along and asked for something "special" to do as well. And at the end, they were happy to wash the tables down for me even. As I was saying goodbye and thanking the parents for coming and I told them how helpful and great their kids were, the mom told me that they would not have enjoyed it if it wasn't for me and my leadership. It was nice to hear some positive feedback from the mom after having such a hectic start. It made it all worth it.

And we got about 5 posters done, which will probably complete an entire school in some country far, far away.

Ginger the Great

Isn't this the prettiest cat ever??

She's got a broken tail and is skittish of everyone but me, and she says "mrrrr" instead of "grrrrr" and she hisses like it's going out of style...but she is P-R-E-T-T-Y!!!!!


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