Birthday Resolutions

I'm not a big fan of resolutions, because no one sticks to them anyway...but I'm making resolutions based on my years of life.
So I'm 34 now....I think I should have at least ten resolutions so that I can maybe stick to one or two.

I'm working on the first five tonight, but it's getting late so I'll do the other five later.

1. Volunteer more. Right now I do 2-3X a month but just for about 3 hours at a time. I think I can come close to doubling that.

2. Blah blah, exercise more. Everyone says that....but I am not like them-I really mean it! Actually, I DID just get a treadmill about seven weeks ago (thank you Sears for the no interest, no payments for one year) and I've been using it quite regularly.

3. Eat more fruit. This weekend I ate two pears (which are VERY bad for my tmj of course). Two pears in one weekend is two more pieces of fruit than I've had all month. I just don't eat much fruit-mainly because I am supposed to cut it and that's just too much work for the enjoyment I get out of it. I really like the little mandarin oranges - we nearly lived on those in Korea where they are called kewls. However, the wonderful delicious kewls we bought in Korea for 15 for $1.00 are 15 for $8.00 here right now and I just can't get past the cost of those. That's really expensive.

4. Go on vacation. I didn't go anywhere at all last year (other than several trips to visit the folks up north). I haven't gone anywhere since a camping trip in August of 2006. That's a long time. It was a really great trip though-we stayed in a yurt, we walked the beach, we roasted tons of marshmallows, we read late into the night, we camped in the back of our new car, we visited the aquarium and a wildlife park. It was fun. It would be great to go on a relaxing get-away again sometime soon.

5. Get more child support. My ex has been paying the same very small amount of money since we got divorced 13 years ago. Considering he has very little interest in being a father and only wants to follow the court papers when it comes to him claiming our son as a tax exemption-it's time to make a change. I've been lax in doing so-I'm doing great supporting the kid on my own and he's fairly absent. I'd rather have no contact with him ever again and court has NEVER ever ever EVER worked in my favor. EVER.

more later....



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