Restless Night

I woke up about 2am...the heat was on too high-a result of me not turning the heat on until it was time to go to bed and then I try and overcompensate and turn it on too much.

Went back to sleep, then woke at 3:30am to the sound of the beautiful Ginger cat crying like her tail was on fire. She will make this cry if I lock her in the room with me, but last night she was on the outside crying and crying. It was sad, I had to get up and let her in, as I'm certain the noise would have continued if I hadn't attended to her needs.

In comes the princess and jumps on the bed and waits for me to scratch her little cheeks and rub her back, as is my duty apparently.

Happy happy cat....for about 45 seconds and then....coughing, choking cat. Yeah, on my BED. In the dark. At 3:30am.

She has more class than to actually vomit on my bed. I think she just wanted in to make sure I recognized that she was not feeling well.

And so she left the bedroom and stopped the choking, coughing noise and went back to staring out the back door, or whatever it is she does all night...

But I couldn't sleep because I was CERTAIN that the crying at my closed door was her trying to tell me something. She NEVER cries to be let in, only out. I was pretty sure that that particular cry actually translates into "LET ME OUT NOW", but now I see it might just mean "OPEN THE DOOR NOW."

Anyway, I got up at least twice more to go check on her - I was that certain that something was wrong with her and I didn't want her to die alone while I slept peacefully in the next room, after she did her best to warn me something was wrong. It was a total "Timmy has fallen in the well" moment between us....but I never figured out where Timmy was or what was wrong with him.
It was a very restless night for me.



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