What a Mess!

My volunteer event had a high number of people show up...which is normally a great thing---but not when 10 people come in late. Or when you don't have enough seating for everyone. Or when you don't have the supplies with you for that many people.

It was just a really messy start to what turned out to be a really great project. I've been doing this same project for about 9 months now and never had any amount of confusion as I did today. And it's the first time I remember feeling like things were a bit out of control at one of my volunteer events. I prepared for it just as usual-I guess sometimes things just will not go smoothly-regardless of preparation.

We are making alphabet posters for schools overseas. We did Uganda and Dominican Republic already and I think todays posters will go to Kenya. I need more schools to send to. I might have made a connection to a school in Guatemala today...we'll see if that pans out.

There was a family of five, with kids from 5-11. I love to see families volunteering, especially when it's not school-mandated volunteering. The mom said it's their first time and they were seeing how the kids did with it, but they did great. It just happened that I needed to do four things at one time with so many people and a huge amount of activity going on at once-I just grabbed the oldest boy (who looked slightly bored)and assigned him a task, then his sister came along and asked for something "special" to do as well. And at the end, they were happy to wash the tables down for me even. As I was saying goodbye and thanking the parents for coming and I told them how helpful and great their kids were, the mom told me that they would not have enjoyed it if it wasn't for me and my leadership. It was nice to hear some positive feedback from the mom after having such a hectic start. It made it all worth it.

And we got about 5 posters done, which will probably complete an entire school in some country far, far away.



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