Read More, Watch Less

I have not been reading much real reason why.

I just read two books this weekend though, both fiction, both well-written. My bus book (that stays in my bag in the car and I only pull out on the bus) is The Butterfly Hunter, about people who have off-the-beaten-path careers. It's very interesting, though I am a bit disappointed that there are no pictures of the people that are interviewed-that would have been nice to have a connection. It need not be a personal photo of them, but even something vaguely connected to them and their crazy career would be nice.

Anyway, this weekend: first was "The Kept Man" by a new author: Jami Attenberg, who apparently writes for the Huffington Post here, which is interesting-I like to feel like I have some access to an authors life. Someday I will write a book and it will point to this blog and all my thousands of readers will visit my blog to feel closer to their new favorite author-me!

The book was good-it's just short of 300 pages, but it's not a standard size book so it's a short 300 pages. I read it in about 6 hours....because the kid overslept again and I was not going to harass him into getting out of bed once again to go bowling. The league is almost over and I have to fight him more and more to wake up early every Saturday to get there on time. He can always post-bowl....and so I slept an extra 30 minutes and then read until almost noon. It was an easy read.

It's about a woman whose husband has a brain aneurysm and goes into a coma and it starts with the story of her life six yrs later, with flashbacks to her life before. It's an interesting subject, the ending wasn' t quite that exciting but it had me interested all the way through.

The other book from this weekend is the new Barbara Delinsky. I'm certain I've read other books by her, but none of her titles sound familiar. She's a New York Times bestselling author, so she has a bit of credibility. The new book was good - very in-depth about a family in turmoil-it's focused around an auto accident but somehow branches out into all these other family issues without getting you lost.

She really is a great writer, I might have to read more of hers. it's a really easy read. I started it this morning and have just about 50 pages left (not reading all day of course-I have things to do ya know).

I read a book last week called Thirteen Reasons Why and the whole time I was reading it, I kept thinking-this would be a good book for kids in high school....and then I finished it and I was reading about the author and it said something about the author and always wanting to write young adult fiction....huh? wait, what?
I enjoyed the book and never caught on that it was meant to be for humans half my age....I guess that means I'm young at heart? There was a very very short sexual descriptive scene which made me question whether it was appropriate for youth, but I guess there are middle schools out there who are having their classes read it since it's such a good story about teen suicide.

The author, Jay Asher, also has a blog (well, an Amazon blog, but a blog nonetheless)-so he's cool too.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    You have never heard of Barbara her book "Three Wishes".....and you will never forget her name!


    Don't blame me for not keeping that man or for not learning to cook...besides, sounds like you can make some mean dishes with've done good!!


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