Crazy People

What is wrong with this world??

I don't understand why people act the way they do. A certain ex-wife of someone in our family asked for money for their shared child's birthday. The dad is nice and readily agreed to help out-he just wants best for his child.
They send the check and they get an angry call from the mom because they made it out to the child-not her-and she wants them to resend a new check in her name.

They told her that it was for him and they wanted it to get to him and if he wanted to sign it over to her for his car, he could do that. They really just wanted to ensure that the boy knew that his dad cared enough to send money for his b-day car.

Drama drama drama and days later, they hear from the boy and he's not even living with his mom anymore and had no idea about the check. More drama and then the argument is out there that -why are we paying child support for a child who doesn't live with you???

That lady is craaaaaaaazy. In a very bad way!

As for my ex, I have no words on him. He's not much above that crazy lady's level though. Especially where money is concerned. He truly believes that whoever the child is with, should be the only parent. If the child is with him-then he doesn't need me to pay for anything, I shouldn't ever call or contact the child, and I don't ever need to know anything they do or have planned. And as such, when the child is with me, which is 99.9% of the time, he doesn't feel that it's important to have any contact, unless it's to plan a visit. Interesting non-logic there...
How do you face yourself every day knowing that you don't' have any idea what is going on with your child's life? How do you justify not helping your child financially?? Yes, he pays child support---but ONLY because the state takes it directly from his paycheck. And trust me, it doesn't cover half of just the child's food bill a month, much less help out with anything else.

People are craaaaaazy.

And by crazy, I mean ridiculously stupid.



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