A Cruel, Cruel World

Every Tuesday for the last 2.5-3 years, I have tried very hard not to miss work on a Tuesday. I made dental or doctor appointments on any day but Tuesdays. I sometimes planned my home meals so that I wouldn't have leftovers for lunch on a Tuesday. You following?

Tuesday was an important meal day for me.

It was the day when I was able to have the most delicious lunch ever - the special at El Norte (the north cafeteria) on Tuesdays was.....

The Thai Chicken Wrap

A value at only $4.95, you got a delicious and nutritious wrap filled with yummy goodness of peanut chicken and the yellow rice that probably has a name that most people know but I do not, and a good sized serving of broccoli on the side (the pic isn't so good-sized cause I always start eating it while waiting in line to pay) and a little side container of sweet chili sauce, which requires me to have 5 extra napkins to blow my nose because I have NO tolerance for spicy stuff--but LOVE the sweet chili sauce.


El Norte changed their menu and the wrap was not there when I made the walk over to pick it up.

I am very sad.

When I was looking for a new job (was it just 14 months ago??), I actually used wrap day as one of the positive aspects of staying at my current employer. It was the highlight of my week sometimes when I had my old crappy job.

And now......................sigh.
No more wrap day.

Let's all take a minute to mourn the loss of a good thing in the world.

Goodbye Tuesday's El Norte special Thai peanut chicken wrap.

No wrap will ever take your place.



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