Once Again-Walmart Sucks

I have to be honest-Walmart is not the best corporation.
There are many reasons why...
One I particularly am against is the quality of their selections. They are the easiest place to get your product into if you have something you want to sell, because they will pretty much sell anything. It doesn't have to be a good product-they just want a product that will bring in some money.

More importantly, they do not care about their employees.
The newest story is about a brain damaged woman who was in a vehicle accident. Her family sued the trucking company that was involved and they won money, but not nearly enough to care for her for all her medical bills and long-term care she will need. Walmart demanded that her family reimburse them for medical costs, since she won a lawsuit...that somehow makes sense, if she had won millions and her family was making tons of money on it, but they don't even have enough to cover her current bills, much less her future ones.

And her son died in Iraq-sad story that has happened to 29, 495 other families, but unfortunately, this woman doesn't have the brain capability to remember it, so everytime she mentions her 18-yr old son, she has to learn all over again that he has died. That's the most traumatizing thing to ever have to deal with, for both her but also for her husband...

BUT even with this little piece of info-Walmart is demanding payment. Stellar business values.

Here are some great sites about Walmart:
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I'm sure it IS great to save 60cents on a package of toilet paper, but don't we care about the company we are supporting by shopping there?
We should, but I guess we don't.



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