Three Things That Make me Cry

I'm not typically someone who cries a lot. Sometimes I surprise myself when I find myself crying...but here are three things that I remember crying about that might not be typical reasons to cry.

When Abby and Luka got married - on ER - and she said "I carry your heart in my heart..."

When my son goes to the dentist....yes, I have been evicted from his dentist's room since he was about five. Even when things are going well, I don't know why, but my eyes just start leaking. It was super-sweet when he was five and sitting so bravely in his new dentists chair and he looked over at me and said "mama, your eyes are leaking."

There was this one commercial about a decade ago or so ago that followed the life of a young girl who grew up with this cat and it showed her in all these different stages of life, with this cat by her side, up to the point of her leaving for college and the cat follows the car along the side of the fence as she drives away. Seriously...that's sad.



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