Nanny 911

I'm totally addicted to this show!
If you somehow don't know of it (what's wrong with you??), it's a show where you have a family in crisis with kids who are absolute monsters and totally and completely out of control by anyone's standards. The parents -or at least the mom- is usually at her wits end and ready to abandon her white picket fence and change her name and run to a foreign country and never look back.

But instead of giving in to that, they call the Nanny service of Nanny 911 and agree to let one of the Nannies come stay with them for a week and completely change their entire household and the way it's run so that the kids are happy, thus making the parents happy. I don't really believe it only takes a week, cause I think some of these kids might need more like 11 weeks help to get them back to being more human-esque, but whatever, I'll believe it's a week, just like I'll believe that Survivor is all real.

I think it makes me feel better about any kind of parenting crisis I have ever had or might have anytime in the future. The families on this show are just a mess.

I find myself agreeing with Nanny Stella (maybe my favorite) all the time---I swear we must have read the same parenting books! We're totally on the same page.

And it blows me away to see parents ask surprised to see a chore chart - who doesn't know about chore charts??

But why are all the families that they feature wealthy?? Half of the families seem to have two stay-at-home parents, one working in the basement office, or someone who works only part-time outside the house. They all live in huge houses with big yards and drive big fancy yuppy cars and wear designer clothes.

I want to see Nanny Stella in the ghetto, in a small apartment with a couple of broken down recliners and a 13-inch television and kids who hang out on the front stoop and make fun of each other in rhyme for entertainment. With two working parents, one who works two jobs. And frequent trips to the Goodwill store down the road.

It's as if this show is saying that Hey, look---money doesn't mean you have a great home life.
it also says, You only have hope if you have money-which is why we don't help families in crisis from the hood.



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