Unknowing Guest Blogger

And today's guest post is brought to you by Aunt Cora, or how I have always known her: Corky.

Corky sent this email out (and my mom forwarded it to me), so I'm sure she meant to go public with it, right?
It's cute...I can't wait to hear more stories from the other Aunts in Iowa!!!

Just thought I would do a little reminiscing and share with you.

In May of 1972 I took a little journey with Dean (do you remember that Dean?) - he was in the Air Force and stationed in California and was driving there - I went with him (and my recollections are great of the trip - we stopped and saw things, did things - it was really a very enjoyable vacation).

Going through things this weekend I came across the little journal I kept and talk about inflation. Thirty-six years ago - Wow - I know I was working for the abstract company and making just a little over $400 a month - yep, living on 10th Street - paying $100 a month for rent. Well, as you will see after looking at the attached - times have changed. I do make a little over $400 a month now and we definitely won't talk about what I pay to live where I live now - but here's the calculations for four days of travel:

Gas $64.65 (which is close to what I pay to fill up the car for one week now - if car is on empty it is about $48 to fill up!!)

Motels $39.97 (that's four nights - can find very few motels under $100 a night now)

To fly from Sacramento to where Aunt Una lived and then to Des Moines - price of $129.

And it's fun memories like this that make you appreciate the power of keeping a journal.

$64.65 to drive from Iowa to California...that's quite the deal!!


  1. Love, Aunt Cora said...:

    Kaylen Marie - I have tried to respond (comment) on several of your blogs but always have a tough time sending the comment back to you but I will try one more time. It is okay that you shared with the world my email to family members - cause I'm sure it is that interesting!!

    And on a more personal note, well, to my recollection I do NOT remember any of you three girls ever calling me "Corky" - you called me Cora, never Aunt Cora or Aunt Corky but just Cora and for some reason that made me feel so very special!! But it really makes no difference because I AM AUNT CORA (CORKY) and I had such fun and was greatly blessed with my nieces (and nephews) who brought much joy to my life when they were young children!!!

    I do enjoy reading your blog - have to admit sometimes I get a little confused but it is nice to see what you are doing. I do hope Andrew is being a "good boy" for you - I know it is a real challenge being a teenager these days and takes a lot of "inner strength" for both the teenager and the parent(s). But this too shall pass and you will survive!!

    It is a beautiful sunny 54 degree morning - it is lovely for a change. Has been a long, cold sad winter - spring thus far has been nothing but rainy (my roof leaks so trust me when I say it's been very rainy!) and cold and dreary - so this morning is simply beyond words - there's sunshine, blue skies, no wind - did you hear that - no wind. It is supposed to be 75 degrees both Saturday and Sunday - who could ask for anything more!! My goal for the weekend is to clean out another closet, clean and straighten up the garage, and sit on the deck with either a cup of coffee or a diet pepsi and read. I need to do spring cleaning but that will begin after the new roof is put on (which they will do on Monday and Tuesday). Isn't it exciting - a new roof!!!

    Well my dear Kaylen I have rattled on enough. I do hope life is treating you good - take care and may God bless and watch over you for me.


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