Eat More Fruit!!

I saw this interesting picture yesterday:

It comes from Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect weight loss plan, which I know very little about but is pretty interesting. I think pictures DO make a difference and it's much easier to think things out when you can see a shocking picture. I don't actually like 80% of the fruits in the picture, but it's pretty amazing to think that you can eat THAT much more of ANY food and have it equal the same calories as that one tiny muffin.

I'm not a fan of diets - I think as a whole they do not work, they are not long-lasting. I believe in lifestyle changes and just being logical about food choices - not that I follow logic with my food choices, but if you ARE going to make a change, it should be based on logic not on some new fad.


  1. Nat said...:

    Dude, I agree! I don't really understand diets... I think a person's "diet" should just be trying to eat healthier foods and make sure they are getting everything their body needs.

    The MOST IMPORTANT diet note to remember- don't eat condiments, they're gross! ;)


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