My friends and I have recently started going to bingo!

Average amount spent: $8.
Average time spent: 4 hrs.
Average age of participants: 67.
Average amount we have won: $0

It's just 15 minutes down the road and it's CHEAP entertainment. Last night we went and I had a coupon that they gave me for signing up for their free bingo card so I got three bingo sheets for $1. Um, hello??? A DOLLAR!!!! Each sheet is 12 games and is spread out over the 4 hrs and you can seriously win - depending on the day, you can win either $25, $80 or $150 on a basic bingo. Not too shabby for marking numbers.

So Nat and I headed out for a fun-filled Friday night of number marking and money winning.
We have a great time-just chatting and laughing and making fun of each other and people around us. It's a fun time overall....I like to try and make my dauber (the marker) "splatter" and leave a pretty mark on my paper now and again. Not always, cause it's a bit loud and could be potentially bothersome to others. We also like to laugh and talk throughout the entire evening. We also like to randomly repeat numbers out loud...like "fifty-nine, fifty-nine, fifty-nine, fifty-nine, fifty-nine."

We get the nastiest looks from all the elderly around us. They are VERY serious about their bingo and would prefer if no one EVER talk when they enter the room.
During the break, one of the elderly came by and said to us, "you know, you don't have to hit the dauber so hard to leave a mark." No disrespect to the elderly...but yeah, we understand the concept of how a marker works.
So during the second half of Friday night bingo, we randomly say "BING" when we very gently use our dauber. I hope they find the humor in that...cause that's FUNNY.

Nat and I were ready to win one of the big blackout pots: $1199. Every game, we're ready to win, but THIS game-we're really ready to win. So it came as no surprise when Nat started hitting every number...cause you have to cover them all to win, right? But then it became serious....and she very quickly got down to three, then two....then ONE. Just ONE MORE NUMBER!!!

And she starts hyperventilating.
And I start sweating.
And we start panting and gasping for air.
And the little lady near us (a nice one) says "only one left? Already???" and she's a regular so if she's impressed, we were even more confident that we were going to need security to walk us out.
Just ONE NUMBER!!! The big 44.
And numbers kept popping up..and no 44.

And no 44.

And no 44.

And then.....someone else yelled bingo.

It was really close - none of us have won before and it would have been amazing to have one of us win the big $1199...but, sigh....maybe next time.


  1. Nat said...:

    It was total BULLSHIT!


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