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I have a young friend who is very much like me. I'll change her name so as not to call her out...
"Allison" we will call her, used to work in my department as a temp and then she abandoned me for some kind of real job with benefits. Whatever.

We still chat via email now and again (as in every few hrs) and we ask each other random questions, almost like a game... Here's some of her responses to me:

Q. What celebrity would you like to go on a vacation with:
A. I would go on Vacation with Johnny Depp, he would be in love with me, we would stay on the island that he owns (I saw it on E! so I know he has one) and we would spend our days gazing into each others eyes and him telling me how beautiful, wonderful etc etc I am.
This is a PERFECT answer!! Who wouldn't want to live forever on an island with Johnny???

Q. Dream home?
A. My dream home has 4 bedrooms (master for me, 1 for each of my kids and a guest bedroom), a great room, a bathroom with a claw foot tub for me, a fireplace in my bedroom, an awesome backyard with a hottub but not a trashy one more like a classy looking outdoorsy-ish one, my house would have a cottage feel to it and it would feel like you were on vacation every day because the surroundings would be beautiful, I would have a housekeeper that came every day, and the weather would always be desirable.
Another PERFECT answer---she even controls the weather with her dream house!!

Q. Worst lies ever told?
A. I lied to my parents, teacher, office lady, bus driver and principle about a note that I had a girl on my bus write for me. Its a long story but I forgot my bus note at home, thought it would be a good idea to make a replacement one and have an older kid who knew cursive write it for me (because 4th grade cursive looks like an adults hand writing) and then try to get on the bus that afternoon. Got busted, had to get off the bus, told them all it was my swedish babysitter who was bad at writing english who wrote it for me. Principle came in front of my class and apologized to me and I felt guiltier than sin. NEVER to this day have told my parents, who stuck up for me and said I wouldn't lie about that.

This was the funniest thing...when asked about one of your worst lies ever told-she remembers an incident from early early elementary school!! And THAT is a sign of a GOOD girl!!

Q. Exotic animal you would like to own:
A. Animal would be a monkey, but a well behaved, cuddly cute one and I wouldnt want to change its diaper, Id want it to be potty trained and know sign language so we could like hang out and watch movies together.
EVERYONE wants a monkey!! Except people who have had a baby....and then you realize that a monkey is like a baby that never ever grows up!

Fun "game" we play. I suggest you all try it with any friend you have. Send an email, ask a random question, learn how much you are similar/different. About 95% of the time, I am certain that the answers she's given could have been my exact own! Scary!!

One last one:
We were talking about a recent time when we were disappointed and she told me this story about her boyfriend, who we'll call "Rick." Rick called up Allison at work and told her that he has a surprise for her tonight. Allison spends all day excited to see what it is. Waiting waiting waiting, she goes home from work and waits some more...and then he comes home and he's on the phone when he walks in the door. So she has to wait more....FINALLY he gets off the phone and she has to remind him that he had a surprise....
Was it a new cd?
Was it a wonderful gift certificate to the local spa?
Was it a new book that she had casually mentioned looked good two weeks prior?
Was it a monkey?

It was a.....BROWNIE!!!! But not just a brownie.
A HALF-EATEN brownie!!! He'd saved her half...which is sweet. But the build-up to that brownie was never going to be as great as that brownie.

And THAT is only something a guy would do!!!

Poor Allison.

I bet she wishes her real name was Allison so this song could be about her, cause the lyrics somewhat fit her brownie situation:
Alison, I know this world is killing you.
Oh, Alison, my aim is true.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    this is your best blog ever Kaylen. Gosh, you are lucky to have your very own doppelganger. so witty and charming you are, just like her!!


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