Top Stories of the Night

The two top stories yesterday: (top defined by being part of the first 9 minutes of the news program):

1) A cat with its head stuck in mason jar.
The owners of the cat went to the fire department with their opposed to a vet? Or a friend (to help hold/grease Mr. Tibbles)?
(actual photo!!)

2) Girl has doll stolen from yard.
Not sure on the whole story cause I had to turn the tv off. The story was about a girl, maybe 5 or 6, who had left her doll in her front yard and it was stolen. The family contacted the news company because the police weren't doing anything about it and the girl had some kind of emotional need for the doll.
Seriously, she lost her doll? And this is on the news? I'm certain my son lost PLENTY of toys in his younger years (or possibly last week even), and I never once considered calling the police.

One time he had this little Buzz Lightyear and Woody pvc figurines that he took with him everywhere. They fit in his pocket and they were convenient to pull out and play with when bored, like at the grocery store or a restaurant. The perfect travel toys AND he considered Buzz and Woody his personal friends.

We were at the mall one day and stopped by the video arcade to play a couple games (cause I'm fun like that). Little Andrew must have thought that Buzz would bring him luck or something, and he pulled his little plastic Buzz figurine from the safety of his pocket and set him up on the other controller...maybe to "play" the game with him.

He didn't win, even with the power of the space ranger from the Intergalactic Alliance (captain of the Alliance Team even!), and we headed on our way out to the car and as we got settled into our seat belt....tragedy struck. Buzz was found to be MISSING.
A sad situation.

It was a LONG (fast) walk back to the video arcade, where I started introducing the child to the idea that Buzz had probably left the galaxy by now. By some magical stroke of grand-supreme luck, we got to the arcade, searched everywhere we had been and then as a last resort-went to the pimply guy working the counter.....and guess who was waiting for us?

It was the greatest day of the year. If we hadn't found him-I would have had to call the news station. Thank goodness we avoided that situation.



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